InforcePRO™ Invitation:

How would you like to have a system that will advise you of when your policies are renewing, the level term period and conversion options are expiring, and when your permanent polices are underperforming?

Coastal Financial Partners Group is piloting an innovative new service called InforcePRO™. Click on the link to learn more.

InforcePRO – How it works

After watching the video and reading the “How it Works” document, tell us that you want to participate. Call Jerry at 310-788-3805 ext 101.

Coastal is piloting this to measure ROI and will pay costs for the first year for selected producers.

InforcePRO™ has managed hundreds of thousands of policies for insurers, banks, and agencies. Orphan policies need to be captured from inforce data downloads, which InforcePRO is the most adept at in the industry today. They then need to be prioritized for action to both reduce compliance headaches and generate new business from contract provisions like the end of a conversion period. Lastly, InforcePRO generates a comprehensive Policy Review with quotes, illustrations, and graphics at the click of a button to share with producers with time to spare.

There is a tremendous amount of potential business residing in your book of business – Coastal can help you unlock that kind of value for your own book.