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Helpful tools for our producers* from Coastal Financial Partners Group. Clients can find useful tools in our Resources section.

Term Quotes multi-carrier term and GUL quoting

*Call 310-788-3805 ext 101 or 102 for LSW and Ohio National quotes as they are not in the online quote engine but are very competitive. Life of the Southwest (LSW) lowered term rates in October 2013. They are one of the few carriers with ABR Chronic Illness on term, can convert to any perm product and they have a low minimum issue amount of $50k.

Lincoln Term Quote & e-Submit launches drop ticket site for Lincoln LifeElements and the new Lincoln TermAccel

XRAE Lite (“lite” version with most carriers for quick quote rate classifications)

Lincoln XRAE (Lincoln “full” version)

Forms   Use iGO for e-applications

Underwriting Search multi-carrier requirements, preferred charts and more

WinFlexWeb multi-carrier illustration system (New users should register and select Coastal as the agency) 

DI Quote Request Form quote request form for DI and BOE products.

DI Website this is a full service DI website for online quotes, training and more.

LTC Pre Qualification Tools

Cost of LTC: What Care Costs go to site and enter code: LTC

Lincoln MoneyGuard: MoneyGuard Video    MoneyGuard II PreQual

Genworth: eValuate Excellent web tool to determine insurability and risk class for LTC.

State Life (OneAmerica): State Life UW Guide

John Hancock: JH LTC Quick Quote form ltc_1028

Longevity Illustrator A new online tool from the Society of Actuaries and the American Academy of Actuaries. Rather than focus on life expectancy, the results give the probabilities of living to various ages.

Marijuana in Life Underwriting A survey of life carriers by likely underwriting class and information on this trending topic.

Coastal HIPAA Authorization Form for informal submissions

Underwriting for Foreign Nationals, Foreign Residents and Travel by US Residents

LifeComp DollarFlex forms:

DollarFlex New Business Processing Checklist

LifeComp DollarFlex Joint Ownership Agreement fill-in-the-blank form becomes part of policy (unique approach to split dollar).

LifeComp DollarFlex Administrative Fee Agreement 

Sample Corporate Resolution required by New Business on the company’s letterhead for LifeComp cases and for most other policies utilizing conventional employer-owned or split dollar strategies.


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